Could you help to support a child and their family?

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A month away from the radiation can make all the difference for a young immune system.

One month in the UK for four consecutive years, with lots of fresh air, food, fun and activities, can boost the children’s battered immune systems and improve their general health. The children receive vitamins and health checks during their stay and we also send clothes, toys and provisions home with each child for their families. To do all this we need your help!

It costs almost £800 to bring each child to the UK each year. Everyone involved in the charity is a volunteer and we have no offices to upkeep. Therefore, everything goes directly to help these needy children and their families. Please help us today to continue this work and make a difference in a child’s life!


Would you (or your organisation/company) like to make a donation (one-off or regular) to FOCC Medway?

You can do so via our Virgin Money Giving page here.

Or you can get contact Linda and Tony – FOCC Medway’s coordinators – via our Facebook page or email: foccmedway15@gmail.com.


FOCC Medway are very thankful to John Lewis, Bluewater, for their donations, their amazing hospitality and their ongoing support of the children.
Many thanks to all who chose Friends of Chernobyl’s Children (Medway) as the Charity of the Year 2018 for Village Voices Publishing. We are very pleased and especially grateful for the donation to help us support these children on their visit to the UK.



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