AGM 2022

Below are the minutes of AGM held on 23rd March 2022

Review of the past year. 

The status in Belarus is unchanged and due to the war in Ukraine is unlikely to recover over the next few years. Contact with our partners in the Ukraine via FOCC Head Office is being kept to a minimum due to the fears that this will be seen by the authorities there of our partners working for the West.  We can only pray that they will be kept safe until we are able to recommence our trips with the children.

Membership status.

We currently have 66 members of which 53 are ‘active’, i.e. they are trustees, Executive Committee, Hosts and helpers.

Overview of finances. 

  • Balance as of 28th February 2022: £45,478.75
  • This is made up of fundraising and donations over the past year of: £1,446.47
  • Expenditure for the past year was: £348.9 

Appointment of trustees/executive committee

The following people were proposed and accepted to serve up until the end of March 2023:

  • Tony Baldwin (Chair, Trustee, Executive Committee)
  • Michelle Howe (Secretary, Trustee, Executive Committee)
  • Christine Comfort (Safeguarding, Trustee, Executive Committee)
  • Janet Wadlow (Treasurer, Trustee, Executive Committee)
  • Lynne Holden  (Trustee, Executive Committee)
  • Frances Bryce  (Trustee, Executive Committee)
  • Susan Ranson  (Trustee, Executive Committee)
  • Linda Baldwin (Fundraising, Executive Committee)
  • Mark Wadlow (Executive Committee)
  • Toni Millum  (Membership, Executive Committee)

Focus for 2022:

Given the state of affairs in Ukraine and our objects that state we can provide “the relief of poverty and the supply and transport of humanitarian aid for those in charitable need’ (clause 2.1) to Belarus and Ukraine, and that we are permitted to “co-operate with other charities, voluntary bodies and statutory authorities operating  in furtherance of the objects” (clause 2.2), and “ support any charitable trusts, associations or institutions formed for the objects” (clause 2.3), it was agreed that:

  • The charity will support recognised charities that support families with children caught up in the Russian/Ukraine conflict in providing relief of poverty until such time as when the children are allowed to travel to the UK.  
  • As a first priority, £5,000 will be sent to Chernobyl’s Children Life Line charity (Charity No. 1014274).  Tony has been contact with them and the Charity Commission records shows that most of their money goes directly to the people they support.
  • Other charities will be sought that we could help. If someone has a charity in mind, can they provide:
    • Charity name and registration number
    • Their ‘objects’ – this can be found on their website or Charity Commission register
    • Turnover for the past year
    • Amount spent on administration and charitable activities – this can usually be found on the Charity Commission register
    • Whether they support families with children
  • Once this information is obtained it should be sent to Tony Baldwin.  The trustees will then decide on whether that charity will be supported by FOCC Medway.
  • The amount of any financial support will be determined by the trustees but with the view to retaining sufficient funds to cover the cost of bringing children to the UK for 2 years, which is currently estimated at £25,000. 
  • Fund raising will recommence, but it will be explained that monies raised will be for the purpose of providing relief to families in Ukraine. 
  • Once the children are allowed to visit again, the trustees will find and appoint a new Group Coordinator and set a suitable budget. 

Planned FOCC activities in 2022. 

  • Given our new focus, Linda will arrange a calendar of fundraising activities
  • We need to set up a new online fundraising platform. Michael will investigate BOPP.IO.  He will also look at setting up a donation option on our Facebook page.

Trustee / Executive Committee meeting dates

The trustee / Executive Committee dates have been arranged for:

  • Thursday 16th June at 7pm
  • Thursday 8th September at 7pm
  • Thursday 24th November at 7pm
  • Thursday 2nd February 2023 at 7pm

Location details will be provided by Tony in advance.

Minutes taken by Michael Coveney, Chair   30/03/2021

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