AGM 2020

Below are the reports presented to our members at this years AGM.

FOCC (Medway) Chairman’s Annual Report

Another successful year, and thanks go to all of our sponsors, volunteers , host families, trustees and not least of all the Group Co-ordinators, Linda and Tony. The annual visit was memorable and we had to say goodbye to two of our children as their schedule of visits had come to an end.

As usual, Linda has worked tirelessly to put together a tremendous programme of activities and trips for the children.

Fundraising events have been well supported throughout the year and sponsorships and donations have exceeded anyone’s expectations, ending the year in a very comfortable position financially. I’m sure the Treasurer will have more to say about that in her report.

I want to end with a special “thank you” to all the members of the Executive Committee for their efforts; but I want to acknowledge in particular, the excellent work that Jan and Maureen have done as Treasurers, Lynne for her creative craft day and the sheer volume of decorative bits and pieces that the children put on their hats and caps.

Chris has ensured that our safeguarding responsibilities have been carried out to the highest level as well as successfully managing the camping sleepover in Jasper’s barn which was a tremendous success. Her whole family helped getting the building ready and the tents set up and special thanks go to her daughter(s) for their contributions too. The campfire singing videos were a treat to watch and all of the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

It is with some regret that I have now decided to step down as Chairperson and trustee for the Charity due to personal responsibilities that prevent me from affording the charity the time and effort that it deserves. I will stay in touch and hopefully may be able to help again in some capacity in the future. It has been a privilege and a pleasure to be involved and I wish the charity and all of its members every success going forward.

The charity makes such a difference to the young lives that it helps and it deserves to have a strong future.

Margot Sturt   20/01/2010


Statements of Accounts 01/04/2019 to 31/03/2020
Balance at Bank at 01/04/2019 £37,505.58
Donations Gift Aid £1,971.22
Donations Non Gift Aid £10,178.74
Fundraising £4,335.95
Sale of Goods £360.45
Petty Cash £500.00
Total income: £17,346.36
Insurance £3,321.66
Air Travel £4,101.24
Petty Cash £521.96
Visit Expenses £5,765.69
Postage £5.05
Total Payments: £13,715.60
Bank Balance at 31/03/2020 £41,136.34

Budget for 2020/21

Apr-Jun Jul-Sep Oct-Dec Jan-Mar Total Year
Stationery and stamps £50 £100 £50 £50 £250
Mobile phones £0
Software for PCs £50 £50 £50 £50 £200
Website £35 £35
Insurance £380 £380
Promotional leaflets £100 £100
Trustee / Membership packs £50 £50
Governance document £75 £75
Volunteer events £200 £500 £500 £200 £1,400
Training £200 £200
Children Activities:
Coordinator trip to Belarus £1,000 £1,000
Gift to families in Belarus £500 £500 £1,000
GB Balance Charge £900 £900
Total Running costs £1,105 £2,050 £2,100 £335 £5,590
Capital Items: £0
Coordinator and Membership PCs £1,000 £1,000
Projector £300 £300
Speaker and microphone £250 £250
Total Capital Costs £1,550 £1,550
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