2021 Visit

18th March 2021

Unfortunately, because of Covid19 and other issues,  the children from Belarus will not be able to come to the UK this summer.   In addition, the Belarussian government have maintained the suspension all children’s visits organised by charities such as ourselves.

Our hope is that the visits to the UK will resume in 2022.  We are in regular contact with the office in Belarus and with their help, will continue to support the children and their families in any way we can throughout the rest of the year.

We will use our Facebook page to keep you informed.  In the meantime, thank you for your ongoing support, especially during these uncertain times.

Questions & Answers

For how long will the Belarussian Government suspend the visits?

We have been given no indication of the length of the suspension or when it will be reviewed.  Our office in Belarus receive regular updates from the Belarussian government which is passed on to the charity Trustees and Executive Committee.

Will the same children who were due to visit this year, come in 2020/21?

Our hope is to bring all the children who were due to visit, including those who were due to complete their last year in 2020/21

If the situation improves, will it be possible to bring the children later this year?

Due to school holidays in Belarus, availability of host families, helpers and volunteers it would be extremely difficult to arrange a visit for later this year.  This also applies to private visits although we are monitoring this on an ongoing basis.

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