After a lovely break and rest over the summer, we would like to take this opportunity to once again thank everyone that made this year’s visit such a wonderful one for our children. Whether you donated to us, whether you volunteered at or attended one of our fundraising events; whether you hosted a child in your home or volunteered with the children during their stay; or whether you provided us with an activity or care for our children – we could not do this without the support of every single one of you.

What an amazing thing we achieve together!


Here are just some of the people, companies and organisations that made the activities for this year’s visit happen:

Logos altogether


  • Pastor James Ebbs for the gift of the use of the Cliffe Community Church
  • Cargo Hire (http://cargo-hire.co.uk/)
  • Eileen Swanson and colleagues at E M Swanson’s Dental Practice in Rochester (http://www.goodgums.me/)
  • Di Unter and colleagues at the Rainham Dental and Implant Centre in Rainham (www.rainhamdental.com/)
  • The staff at the Specsavers branches (www.specsavers.co.uk) in Gillingham and Gravesend
  • Dr Catherine Norwood for providing medical checks for our children
  • Joy Nebo who provided audiological checks for the children
  • Chris Comfort for running a fabulous craft day
  • Carla Miles and the staff at Maidstone Leisure Centre (www.maidstoneleisure.com/)
  • Sue Buhagiar and the staff at John Lewis & Partners in Bluewater Shopping Centre (www.johnlewis.com/)
  • The staff at the Lego Shop in Bluewater Shopping Centre (https://www.lego.com/en-gb/stores/stores/uk/bluewater)
  • Santa ( Gary Thomas) and his little helpers
  • Natasha Boardman-Steer for a great day of crafts and activities
  • The staff at Eagle Heights (www.eagleheights.co.uk/)
  • Denise Norman and the staff and students at MidKent College (www.midkent.ac.uk/)
  • Robert Reid and the rangers at Riverside Country Park
  • Sandy Allen and her team of volunteers for an amazing activity day in Ashford
  • The Albany Taxi drivers for another wonderful day at Dreamland (http://www.albanytaxicharity.org/)
  • Julie Perry for running a fantastic craft day
  • Linda and the staff at the John Nike Leisuresport Chatham Ski & Snowboard Centre (http://www.jnlchatham.co.uk/) for another fantastic day
  • Dr David Stokes for another day of science activities


If you would be able to help us with our programme of activities for our upcoming 2019 visit, then please email Linda and Tony (FOCC Medway’s coordinators) at foccmedway15@gmail.com.


logo in white box for site iconPlease donate to our cause

You can do so via our My Donate page here: goo.gl/VQFtkp.

You can also get in touch with us by contacting Linda and Tony – FOCC Medway’s coordinators – on our Facebook page or email: foccmedway15@gmail.com.

Friends of Chernobyl’s Children (FOCC) – Medway funds yearly recuperative visits of one month for socially disadvantaged Belarusian children (aged between seven and twelve) from the areas still devastated by the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster. All money donated is used directly to support FOCC Medway’s objectives and there are no paid officials in any part of the Charity. Charity No: 1095997. If you would like to learn more about what we do, please see here: https://foccmedway.org/our-group/.

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